April 6, 2012

Just a Few Questions

I don't like politics. I usually try to avoid political discussions because someone always gets so offended that they are reduced to yelling and name calling. I try my best to listen to an opposing opinion before I tear it apart, but it seems that others won't give me the same courtesy. So in this post, I would just like to throw out some ideas and invite you to join the conversation. I am not claiming that I am right or that my ideas are good. These are just ideas and questions meant to spark discussion. Please share your point of view, but avoid personal attacks.

-If all children with two parents in the home had one parent that did not work outside the home, wouldn't unemployment become a non-issue?

-If our country's bridges are in danger of collapsing, wouldn't it be a good idea to fix them? Aren't there plenty of people out there without a job that would be willing to do that kind of work? Wouldn't there be enough money to fix our infrastructure problems if we redirected funds? Instead of paying unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid, couldn't we pay people to do useful work?

-Not all of us can be doctors and lawyers. But if you have a full time job, shouldn't you be able to afford the basic necessities of life? Shouldn't minimum wage be enough to give you a place to live and food to eat?

-Why are there so many high school graduates who can't write a complete sentence in English?


  1. I agree with you! Especially about the high school graduates who can't write a complete sentence in English. Not only is that a problem but a lot of them run registers and can only give change if the REGISTER tells them how much to give. Don't try to give them a penny after the fact... As far as the unemployment....why is it that I can find two jobs and work both jobs to take care of my family, but supposedly there aren't any jobs available. I just accepted the fact that I had to work where I could....the fact I love both of my jobs is just icing on the cake.

  2. #1- having a parent be ale to stay home as their job, is a blessing, but also privilege. It is hard to afford it and tough you are correct about the positive impact on unemployment, it would mean a lot of folks living in poverty.

    #2-you couldn't be more right about this one and I free whole heatedly. Infrastructure projects paid for By state and federal govt. would seriously bolster our flailing economy. Rachel Maddow agrees. So does my man crush, Obama

    #3- I agree. The minimums wage will never do, but a living wage is what we should be fighting for. The math comparing the last time Americans could live comfortably on the minimum wage translated into today's dollars puts us at about $23.00/ hour.

    #4- a great insight for parent, I use this article in my English classes all the time. It's a quick awesome read I wish every parent took the time to read:

    I like your blog! FYI this is speedo, I just couldn't figure out how to sign in in an ID.