May 23, 2012

World Book Wednesday

Volume G

Game- "There are three basic types of games- those that involve (1) luck, (2) physical endurance, or (3) skill." Electronic games in the 70s were pure luck: you had to be lucky enough to have parents that would buy such an expensive toy. As time went on, electronic games began to include skill and especially physical endurance. You must be in top physical form to play a video game for 20 hours straight fueled only by Chee-tos and Mountain Dew.

In those days, parents weren't concerned about their children becoming
overweight and lazy. How long could a small moving square possibly keep
their attention before they would decide to go outside and play?

Girl Scouts- A wonderful organization to which I belonged as a girl and that helped shape the woman I am today. Although uniforms change over the years (thank goodness!), the goals of Scouting remain the same: to help girls develop as creative, responsible individuals.

The Brownie and Junior are very cute in their jumpers, and the Seniors look neat and ready to face the challenges of adulthood. What about the poor Cadette? Cadettes are 12 to 14 years old, the most awkward and painful ages of childhood. Let's put them in elastic waisted polyester pants to make the chubby ones self conscious, and light yellow turtlenecks that accentuate the fact that you're either a flat chested baby, or a well endowed one of those girls.

The World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book-Childcraft International, 1979. Includes all photos and quotations.

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