February 10, 2012

The Joys of Pregnancy

My body is making a new little person, and it sure is taking a lot out of me. This is my third baby so I feel somewhat experienced when it comes to pregnancy. But somehow, I have forgotten how exhausting it can be. You know I struggle to just get by; now I struggle to get out of bed.
Anyone who has been pregnant before can relate. Its time to get up, and you want to get up, but you can’t get enough momentum to get your body upright. So you stick your legs in the air and swing them down quickly hoping your torso will be pulled up to sitting. The number of people watching you will determine how many times you try this method. If you are by yourself, you do it as many time as it takes. If your husband is in the room, you try three times, then give him a dirty look that compels him to quit his stifled chortling and help you. If any of your other children are in the room they will usually help you up before the struggle begins, and put your slippers on to boot.
Sometimes just the thought of a simple task makes me tired. If I’m downstairs and its time to take a shower, I have to decide if its really worth it to go all the way upstairs just to get clean. And once I have gone upstairs, someone else better do the dishes, turn off the lights, and lock up because I’m not coming down again until I absolutely have to, preferably tomorrow morning.
One thing I have no problem doing though, no matter how tired I am, is tuck in my not-so-little ones. I’m a sucker for giving night-night kisses, so much so, that I will suffer nine months of aches and pains, and swelling, and indigestion, just so I can have another little loveball to tuck in.

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