September 19, 2012

World Book Wednesday

Volume T

Teaching- "Teachers at all levels guide the learning of students in various ways. Sometimes, teachers help students individually. At other times, they instruct an entire group." 

This must have been a very well funded college. There are no fewer than eight giant
suspended television sets  in the lecture hall. That's a state of the art facility!

Telephone- This entire article was hilarious and archaic, but something about it makes me think things were better back then.

The large type and a half page illustration says this is an important article.

This photo was taken over thirty years prior to the first hands-free laws.
This guy was using a rotary car phone for Pete's sake.

No mention of a contact list stored within the phone's memory where you
can also keep track of a fax number and email address. A what and a what?!

I know we have gone far beyond this technology, but I dearly wish I had this in my house.

The World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book-Childcraft International, 1979. Includes all photos and quotations

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  1. I love your commentary on these old photos/articles.