September 12, 2012

World Book Wednesday

Volume S

Science- "Electronic computers are used widely in various fields of science. Many scientific problems are so complex that they would require years to solve without the aid of computers." 

It probably takes longer to figure out how to use this contraption
than it would to just figure out the answers by hand.

Skateboard- "Experienced skateboarders can perform such stunts as endovers and wheelies. Endovers are a series of 360-degree turns. Wheelies are performed by riding the board so that two wheels are off the pavement."

I've seen too many goofy footed punks nose grind the
ridgepole of a house to be impressed by a wheelie.

Superstition- "A traditional belief that a certain action or event can cause or foretell and apparently unrelated event." 

Is it really necessary to illustrate these ideas?
Does anyone not know what walking under a ladder looks like?

The World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book-Childcraft International, 1979. Includes all photos and quotations

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