September 5, 2012

World Book Wednesday

Volume R

Razor- "Many men and women think an electric razor is the easiest kind to use." 

With a sideburn like that, there's no question this photo was taken in the 1970s.

Reproduction- The rest of the illustration for the human reproduction article is a bit too graphic to show here, but I've included the end result: an elegantly coiffed new mother in her silk robe, gazes happily at her smartly dressed and well composed husband, who lovingly holds the peaceful infant. LIES!

I didn't even look this good at my senior prom.

Roads- "Federal Interstate Highway System is a 42,500 mile network of freeways scheduled for completion in the 1980s." 

The system was not in fact completed until October 1992.
It also cost $114 billion instead of the estimated $25 billion.

Rugs- "A handmade rug used as a wallhanging adds a modern decorative touch to a home or office." 

Isn't it strange how something that is described as modernalways looks so dated just a few decades later?

The World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book-Childcraft International, 1979. Includes all photos and quotations

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