March 7, 2012

Adventures in Laundryland

     This morning when I left the house to drop my husband off at the bus stop, I grabbed a little shopping list I had made. I had jotted down a recipe for homemade laundry detergent the other day. When most people write down a recipe, they intend to make it. I write them down with the intention of letting the paper get lost in a pile of mail and permission slips. When it is unearthed months later, I'm not interested in it anymore so I throw it away. But this morning was different.
     This morning I heard my alarm and immediately hit the snooze button. I usually do this two or three times but today as I tried to go back to sleep I heard a little voice. "Daddy? You broke the rainbow."
    I felt my husband roll over to face our almost three year old. "How did I break the rainbow?" he asked.
    "No Daddy. Bobby broke the rainbow," Bobby answered.
    "Are you still half asleep, little man?" Bobby must have given him a kiss then because my husband said, "Go give Mommy some of those kisses."
    Bobby made his way around to my side of the bed and crawled up next to me. He gave me some kisses and suddenly said, "I go pee-pee in potty."
     Since he is not potty trained yet, his voluntary request excited my husband and I. I told him to hurry and go with Daddy, who was already on the way to the bathroom. A few minutes later, naked Bobby came and jumped on the bed and Daddy gave a report. "He pushed three times but no pee-pee."
     Bobby squirmed his way under the covers next to me. We pulled the covers over our heads and giggled and hid from Daddy. I really needed to get up and get dressed but he was being so sweet I couldn't leave him. Daddy peeked under the covers and we all squealed. I pinched his naked bum and he wiggled and laughed. We played for about ten more minutes and then I had to get up.
     My husband and I were chatting in the hallway when we heard Bobby's little voice from our bedroom. "I pee-pee in the bed!" We looked at each other then rushed to the bedroom. Little naked Bobby stood proudly in the middle of the bed, next to the abstract wet art on the sheets. We told him that was a no-no but we weren't mad for long.
     We finished getting ready, and I pulled the sheets off the bed. In the garage I started the washing machine, but when I grabbed the detergent container, somebody (husband) had left it empty and didn't bother to tell me we were out. I figured I could pick some up on my way back home after dropping him off, but then I remembered the recipe. It was still on the kitchen table, still free of a note eating pile of junk mail. So I grabbed it and we left. Stay tuned and I'll let you know how it goes. I think the homemade detergent will work fine, but making it should provide some humorous blog fodder!

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