June 27, 2012

World Book Wednesday

Volume L

Laser- "In eye surgery, the physician uses a precisely focused beam from a gas laser to repair damaged tissue."
I didn't know this existed as early as the 70s. That's one brave
patient to allow such a new technology to be used on his eyes.

Library- I turned to my twelve year old for insight on this photo. I asked him if he knew what the drawers that dominate this library lobby were for. He said, "Maybe they hold utensils." 

The card catalog simply does not exist anymore. I wonder what
libraries did with all the cards and drawers when they were phased out.

The World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago: World Book-Childcraft International, 1979. Includes all photos and quotations.


  1. And of course utensils would be very handy in a library. Too cute.

  2. One library I know used the cards to make flash cards for math classes. I don't know what happened to the drawers...would love to have set!

    1. I could certainly find something to store in them if I could find a set.